Transitioning between cultures as international students

Datum und Uhrzeit
10:00 - 16:00

A workshop of Kompass-international. 

Everything in Germany is so different – how will I ever be able to thrive in this culture?
Why was it so hard to relate to people during my holiday back home?
I have changed and my home country has changed, too – how can I adapt to the new reality?
How do I fit back into my home culture when visiting, or after returning from my studies in Germany?

You already have spent some time in Germany and you may be in a honeymoon phase with German culture and feel a tension or distance with your own culture. It might be really hard for you to adapt to life here, or you may ask yourself these and similar questions before returning to your home country.
These transitions can be intimidating, but they can become so much easier if you are well prepared for them. This workshop is designed to help you think through these questions and develop useful strategies for transitioning between cultures.

• Stages of Culture Shock and my personal acculturation process
• Strategies for thriving in Germany
• Preparation for the Reverse Culture Shock before traveling home
• Strategies for readaptation and integration while visiting or permanently returning home

After this training,
• you will be able to understand how your personal acculturation in Germany went so far
• you will be aware of how you are changing during your stay in Germany
• you will have acquired some practical tools for the acculturation in Germany and for the preparation of your return, whether temporary or permanent
• you will be able to anticipate some of the reactions at your return home and will be equipped to develop adequate strategies of adaptation and integration
• you will be informed about the Reverse Culture Shock and how to deal with it

In this workshop, a lot of time will be given to interactive methods:
• You will receive a preparation questionnaire and one worksheet beforehand: These are an integral part of the workshop and must be completed beforehand in order to draw maximum benefit from this workshop.
• The teaching slots will be concise and informative.
• You will receive individual tasks, and reflection time will be given.
• Through sharing and interaction in small groups and/or plenary discussions, you will be enabled to apply the content of the workshop.
• You will benefit from the experiences of the facilitator and of others who have already gone through such transition processes before.
• There will be time for individual questions & answers associated with your transition between cultures.

This workshop will be held in English (language of the teaching and the materials). If you prefer expressing yourself in German, please join the same workshop in German on Friday, 24.05.2024, 12 -18 pm. (

Target group
All international undergraduate, post-graduate, and PhD students of Goethe University who are
• in the process of acculturation in Germany
• travelling from time to time between Germany and their home culture
• planning to return to their home countries after their stay in Germany

Kathrin Steinbauer, Trainer-Advisor for International Students

Participants: max. 20

Date and time: Sa., 25.05.2024, 10 am – 4 pm (with a 1 hour break)
Place:  PEG 2.G 084, Campus Westend

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