Intercultural competence in everyday university life

Datum und Uhrzeit
9:00 - 13:00

A workshop of Kompass-international. 

This free event is an introduction to intercultural communication and interaction in the study or work context when people from different cultures collide, tackling compact background knowledge, pitfalls and tips – and lots of practical exercises.

The intercultural training is aimed at international students from all departments at Goethe University Frankfurt who want to deal with intercultural issues in their everyday university and professional life and reflect on their cultural imprint. Various concepts and your own experiences in an intercultural context will be addressed. The aim of the training is to sensitize you with regard to dealing with cultural differences – both in your studies and in your later professional context – and to strengthen your intercultural competence on a cognitive, affective and behavioral level.
You are cordially invited to this exciting confrontation and training experience!

Note: For this intercultural competence training there will be an English translation / summary of the inputs, the group work can also be done in English. German language skills should be on level completed A2.

• Concept of culture and cultural models
• Eight scales of the Culture Map by Erin Meyer
• The concepts of intercultural competence and diversity
• Dealing with critical incidents in everyday university life
• Anti-Bias Approach
• University culture

Your benefits
in this training …
• you will know what role culture and personal cultural imprinting play in the higher education sector
• you will be able to reflect on your own cultural imprint, your own perception and the perception of others
• train intercultural competence on a cognitive, affective and behavioral level
• you will be sensitized with regard to dealing with cultural differences, both in your studies and in your later professional context
• you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other students about the university culture in your home country and in Germany

• Input from the trainer
• Individual, partner and group work
• Icebreakers and energizers
• Interactive simulations
• Reflection exercises
• Critical incidents
• Exchange on the implementation and application of what has been learned in everyday study situations

Milena Ivanova has been working for 10 years as an intercultural trainer, research assistant and lecturer in adult education in Germany and in other European and Latin American countries. Her focus is on heterogeneity, diversity, inclusion, multilingualism in school and higher education as well as on the use of digital media in teaching.

Target group
All international students at Goethe University Frankfurt.

Participants: max. 20

Date and time: Fri., 26.04.2024, 9am – 1pm
Place:  Seminarhaus SH. 2.101 (Campus Westend)

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Please note that we can only consider registrations that are made at least 24 hours before the start of the event.